YL620-A-2.2kW 220V Settings for 1.5 kW spindle motor

Work in progress, I’ll edit later.

First do a factory reset: P0013 = 10 and Restart the VFD.

Address Value Comment
P0000 50 Either mains frequency or standard frequency for fixed RPM application
P0004 400 Acceleration curve
P0005 400 Acceleration curve
P0309 400 Potentiometer upper limit

2 thoughts on “YL620-A-2.2kW 220V Settings for 1.5 kW spindle motor”

  1. Hi Marco,

    Saw a couple of your videos on youtube recently, very entertaining. I especially enjoy your dry sense of humor but also the content aligns well with my interests.

    I’m aslo building a new CNC machine and struggling with the inverter settings. I also have a 1.5kw spindle mine is air cooled but I too received a yl620a instead of the huanyang advertised. Aside from the settings you mention on your spindle video and those listed here, did you change anything else? I understand with my spindle being air cooled I’ll have to set a higher minimum frequency to supply adequate fan cooling. I’d just like to get it running with the least amount of risk of frying anything.

    Thus far after factory reset I’ve dialed in the following:

    P0 – 50Hz (i believe this is the supply voltage frequency – I’m in UK)
    P4 – 400Hz
    P5 – 400Hz
    P6 – 100%
    P7 – 200Hz
    P8 – 50%
    P9 – 120Hz
    P10 – 30%

    P11 and P12 are mysterious. Eventually I’ll be controlling speed with pwm-analogue converter which will obv reqire more digging in the settings but does the above strike you as adequate for a test run? Did I miss anything imporatnt that will result in catastrope?

    Keep up the good work buddy.



  2. Hy !
    Hab den gleich VFD und möchte einen NVEM Controller dran hängen kannst du mir sagen auf welche klemmen der dran muss ?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Ortlieb Andreas

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