Super simple temperature controller

The idea is to use an adjustable voltage divider to set a desired temperature while a temperature dependent voltage divider provides feedback about the actual print bed temperature.  The first op-amp IC1B works as a comparator that turns on its output to 5V as soon as the non-inverting input pin sees a higher voltage than the inverting input pin. That output controls a simple constant current sink in which the mosfet Q1 can be the heater or the shunt resistor R1 can be replaced with higher resistance power resistors to become heaters. IC2 is just a voltage regulator that provides a stable supply voltage for the op-amps.

One thought on “Super simple temperature controller”

  1. Sorry for the basic question but I know zip about electronics and I had done a search on German schematics symbols and did not come across thee R7 symbol in the Sense area. I realize it is a resistor. Is that all it is? I am wondering about the extra connections on each end that are not connected.

    Like your Youtube videos, you put out a lot of very good information in a way that easy to follow (most for me) , my only problem is at times I have to wipe coffee off my keyboard and monitor when I make a mistake of having a full mouth of coffee and you popup one of your dry humor moments that I find very funny.

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